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The F1 rule change that exposed McLaren's main weakness

Creator: THE RACE    Category: Sport    Added: 11 Mar 2023

If you’ve been following the start of F1 2023 you’ll know that McLaren is underperforming and waiting for a big upgrade to help save its season.
But what’s interesting is that McLaren is in this position because a seemingly minor rule change for 2023 badly caught it out and exposed a big problem with its intended car design.
We have to go way back into 2022, as early as September, to pinpoint the moment McLaren realised it was in trouble, and why it had to make drastic changes that ultimately led to its REAL 2023 car not being ready for the start of the season.

00:00 McLaren in trouble
00:43 The discovery
03:18 No excuses
06:04 Short-term prospects

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