About Swoj.com

Swoj.com was born in 1999 as a hobby website, partly a test for web technologies and partly to share funny content with friends - back then, there was no social media and no video websites, if you wanted to share a funny video, you usually had to email it to your friends which was not good for people that had limited email access. Now time has passed, the internet has evolved and Swoj.com is being rebuilt from the ground up to provide a better experience for everyone visiting. The general principles remain the same – share cool stuff with everyone, do some cool stuff behind the scenes.


Youtube contains more videos that you could every find time to watch – the goal of the Swoj.com videos section is to provide a more selective list of quality content to watch across a variety of topics. The intent is for the content to be ‘interesting’ in some way, it might be educational, entertainment, parody, trailers, funny or controversial, however the aim to find quality content to be enjoyed (that probably means no ‘reaction’ videos 😉 ). Quality content does not come easy, people can put a great deal of time and effort into producing these videos and as such credit should always be given where credit is due.. the source channel will be listed and linked* so that transparency is maintained.

* Right now there is some older content that is being worked on to back fill the information, however the intent is to have credit for every video


We all love gaming, they can be an escape, or a challenge. The goal is to provide variety of games that can be played within the website – so they can be played where ever you are and (where possible) what ever device you happen to be using. Some of these will be sourced from other providers, however the goal is to create a few internally that will allow for a deeper integration (down the line anyway…)


As fans of rock, metal and punk music, this is a place for reviews and general information. This area does require some more work, with the current content being a carry over the legacy of the old version of the site.


More will be coming over time with the roadmap including (in no specific order):

Completed items