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Is There a Center of the Universe?

Creator: Destiny    Category: Education    Added: 04 Sep 2022

Is There a Center of the Universe?
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In 1994, it looked like the Hubble telescope captured an object depicting a beautiful city with snow-white towers floating in space. People called it “Heaven” or “Celestial city”. Believers of alien civilizations were excited and even speculated the city was actually the center of our universe!

But after a careful examination, astronomers declared the image fake. Scientists later explained the Hubble image captured was galaxy NGC 3079. Part of this image was cut out, photoshopped, and a celestial heaven was ready to trick the world!

And even though there’s nothing mysterious in the image, it has fueled widespread interest in the structure of our universe.

So does the universe have a center, and how do we find it if it exists?

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