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AMG ONE DRIVEN! Mr AMG on the F1 Powered Hyper Car!

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AMG’s Hyper Car DRIVEN on the Nurburgring GP Circuit! Just saying that out loud baffles my mind, I can’t believe I’ve experienced it!

But will it be Flop or Future classic? The internet would have you believe the former. Critics list the many failings of the late #AMG #hypercar:

  • Weight 1695 kg - too heavy for a track car.
  • Same 0-200 as a 765LT, miles cheaper.
  • A 0-60 of just 2.8 seconds
  • £3 million, and requiring a service of 10’s of thousands every 5k, then an engine rebuild at 30k miles.

So with all its failings why did AMG make it THIS way? Food for thought. After all, the engine and format they chose meant it took them years to make the car road approved, and caused the car not to be certified for the USA customers in the end.

Instead AMG stuck at it, and forced the issue to make the #AMGONE as close to the 2016 F1 car in tech as possible. Along the way they’ve since used the same tech in upcoming vehicles like the new C43 engine, and the upcoming C63S hybrid using much of the same tech.

As it stands, the ONE is a 275 unit car at £3 million each. It’s something few of us will ever get to enjoy, but if done right stands to be a classic.

Formula 1 E Performance engine comes right out of F1 - 1.6 V6, 4 valves per cylinder
Electric exhaust turbo charger (shared with next C63) which revs to 11k! All through a tasty Titanium silencer.

The performance isn’t as simple as you’d think, the Total of 1063 BHP is made up of different parts of the system:

Combustion:- 574BHP
Front motors:- 326BHP
MGU-H :- 122BHP
MGU-K crankshaft :- 163BHP

They weren’t kidding when they said Hybrid! Much in the same way of Lewis’ car, the power comes through Various means. The resulting speed is:

0-60 2.9
0-200 km/h 7.0
0-300 km/h 15.6 s

Torque is not calculable as each part of the system produces its own amount. All that leads to the AMG Performance 4MATIC+ system.

EV moody is possible, via the 8.4kw lithium ion battery, only drives 18km in range but is so cool to listen to as you’ll see!!

As for the internals - the body is Carbon monocoque, there’s a 5 link front and rear suspension with crazy Pushrod struts transversely mounted — this allows Roll stiffness and dampening independent of heave and looks the sexiest thing ever in the process. Use Race Plus and Strat 2 modes: it lowers 37/30 mm to full attack mode! Worried about drag? Activate the F1 DRS button on the F1 steering wheel when on the straights for even more speed!

The Drive

Driving the ONE was almost an out of body experience - in that, my brain couldn't process what happened till much later on. However once it sunk in - some things really stood out - even on the GP circuit following the GT Black, there was no point where the car was at full throttle on the straight — it would have eaten up the Black Series if I tried. The gearbox was clunky and slow, reminiscent of the thud from a V10 M5 - yet it almost added to the brutality of the experience. The steering wheel and feel was perhaps the best I’ve ever experienced in a road car and the EV mode was literally the coolest sounding thing I’ve heard come alive in a car! And the engine? The absolute highlight. A visceral experience geared to overload your senses and feed your emotions as a car lover - there’s nothing that comes close to it.

Todays video will also be a tad vlog like, as I wake to give you some insight on how these Press Trips work. We bump into Chris Harris lining the AMG ONE for top gear, and you might see some bloke from Carwow.

We’ll be following AMG DTM legend Bernd Schneider in a GT Black Series. In the first laps, we have 3 highway modes to test - EV full electric, Race full combustion, and Race Safe which combines both. Then out in Race Plus and Strat 2 modes for full attack!

Today, I’m not here to tell you how it compares to a LAF, 918 or the next Hypercar of the week, I’ll leave that to everyone else - I’m here because I’m one of you guys, a driver of normal performance cars. So what’s it like to jump out of your A45, C63, AMG GT — and drive this bonkers thing? Let’s find out!

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