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Billy Idol - Cage (Official Music Video)

Creator: Billy Idol    Category: Music    Added: 20 Aug 2022

Billy Idol 'Cage' (Official Video)

Stream Cage & Pre-Order The Cage EP: https://BillyIdol.lnk.to/TheCageEPID

Steven Sebring: Director and Creative Director/SRS
Daniel Olshansky: Creative Editor
Ariel Garcia: Assistant Director
Reyna Mastrosimone: Producer
Frank Roselli: PA

Starring Billy Idol and Steve Stevens.


Daria Rylkina
Anna Nikolic
Ella Rose Charles
Brianna Braun-Yopp
Kateryna Korol
Milena Adorney
Sabine Adorney
Nicole Block

Costume Design by Chandra Dyani Chavez
Hair and Makeup by Mayra Godoy

“Cage” Lyrics (Billy Idol)

Screaming in isolation
Walking through desolation alley
Boarded up our ambitions
Flooded out all the engines

I’ve been punching through the walls
I’ve been living on the edge
I’ve been fighting with my demons
so long they’ve become my friends

The zombies at the window
say it’s finally the end
So I’m kicking down my door
and never closing it again

I’m coming out of my heartless, hopeless rage
I’m coming out of my cell, my broken cage
Whoa oh oh oh, whoa oh oh oh

Get me out of my cage!

Drive you straight out the city
You can live in a ghost town with me
We can dig in the gold mine
Look for treasure we won’t find

I can dream all that I want but
I’m not going any place
I can tell you all my feelings
when I’m staring into space
And the road is an illusion I just keep to pass the days
I’m counting down the seconds ‘til I’m making my escape

I’m coming out of my heartless, hopeless rage
I’m coming out of my cell, my broken cage
I said, whoa oh oh oh, whoa oh oh oh, yeah

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