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EQXX — The EV Mercedes with 1000KM Range!!

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What’s the biggest problem we have with any #EV? Range.

Normally you'd add bigger batteries, a more boring egg like shape - measures that ruin both driving enjoyment and aesthetics. But Mercedes have decided to tackle the problem in a totally different way, focusing on weight saving and efficiency in all areas. The VISION EQXX is thus a range monster with 1000km achievable off a single charge! Not by installing a huge and heavy battery, rather, this has a smaller and lighter one! Instead, #MercedesBenz’s goal was the achieve more range using less! And it achieves this by making the car efficient in every other way, citing efficiency as the currency of the future for electric cars.

Who better to go to for kilojoule efficiency than the Formula 1 experts at #Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains (HPP) in Brixworth? Mercedes-Benz and the HPP team developed a completely new battery pack. Almost 100kw/h size battery yet has 50% less volume and is 30% lighter than the one in the EQS at 480kg. They also co-developed the EDU, which houses the electric motor, transmission and power electronics. The power electronics unit is based on the one in the upcoming Mercedes-AMG Project ONE hypercar!

All in all, the battery and system gives 10 kWh per 100 kilometres (6 miles per kWh) - way ahead of current cars like the Tesla, and Porsche Taycan efforts. It also has an impressive 95% battery to wheels efficiency, compared to a combustion car which manages 30%.

Incredibly, the car also has a Solar Panel system on the roof, which provides 25km or range, or the ability to run the internal electronics.

As for the body - it’s inspired by natural forms and in partnership with innovative start-ups, engineers used advanced digital tools to lower weight and reduce waste by removing excess material assisted by 3D printing. Body in white construction is insane. It is a web like structure, with holes in it. Excess weight removed by using 3D printing methods to remove material in areas it’s not needed, then Humans take over and make the shape production ready. Areas like the suspension block holders, and even the wiper blade construction, all made in this strange but effective way. The car also uses a lightweight F1 subframe. The car is compact car size - with a 280cm wheelbase same as the 205 C Class.

Aerodynamics are so important for range, but so is design for the Mercedes customer. I don’t like the EQS, EQC etc I find them horrible in shapes. But older concepts with great aero balance showed that a better way was possible, cars like the Concept IAA and the legendary C111, or the more recent AMG Project ONE — all cars that the EQXX takes inspiration from. There is also significant Aero enhancements around the lightweight magnesium wheels, specific Bridgestone tyres and an innovative Diffuser extension I’ll show you too.

The final form looks like a C111/AMG ONE front, a CLS window line, and an IAA rear — altogether providing a crazy 0.18CD figure - vs the current world record holding EQS at 0.20!!

Cooling is key, and the car features a cooling plate at the bottom which does the majority of the cooling for the battery, with shutters on the front used only 10% of the time in hotter climates.

But will it be enough to battle close rivals like the Lucid Air, Tesla Plaid and others with much more power and similar range? In this first look of the VISION EQXX, we go over:

  • Design
  • Aerodynamics
  • Older Concept cars - Concept IAA, Mercedes C111
  • Battery Range and Power
  • Technology & efficiency
  • Bionic Engineering - blank slate to finished product in record time
  • Interior Design
  • Sustainable Materials
  • And more!

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