Angelzoom Review

Review Type: New Release

New Wave Gothic with Angelic Vocals


Track Listing

01 - Turn The Sky
02 - Back In The Moment
03 - Blasphemous Rumours
04 - Otium
05 - Falling Leaves
06 - Guardian Angel
07 - Crawling
08 - Bouncing Shadows
09 - Fairyland
10 - Dream In A Church
11 - Lights
12 - Newborn Sun
13 - Into My Arms
14 - Christmas Dreams
15 - Peace Of Mind

This is a new project, fronted by Claudia Uhle, the voice of X-PERIENCE, a popular German Pop band who frankly I've never heard of! Claudia is classically trained and sang in choirs and learned to play piano and organ. Her voice can be best described as 'Heavenly' and as a believer in Angels she wanted to create an album on those themes. This album falls into the category New Age Gothic with an Ambient feel.

People will be surprised that a label like Nuclear Blast would sign such a band with the only real Metal connection being the appearance of the cello quartet APOCALYPTICA famous for performing Metallica covers. The album has been reviewed in many Metal mags and can justify it's inclusion with it's dark, mysterious lyrics and moody insights.

There are very few drum sounds on the album or guitar parts with mostly keyboards and strings but this only enhances the mood of the album
The music of Angelzoom is like a soundtrack, very mystical and full of sentiments.

The standout track for me is the song [b]Into My Arms[/b] which has a duet with Rene Siodla (Roedernallee) and is probably the albums heaviest Moment and is very dynamic with a good counterpoint of vocals..

This album is recommended for MetalHeads who feel like a lighter moment away from the Thrashier side of things.

Reviewer: El Tel
The verdict: 7 - Great in parts