Direct to the fans...

Thu, 21 May 2020 - Posted by Steviepunk

It's an unusual year for music… it is very likely that you have already had a concert/gig cancelled this year, almost every concert that was intended from March onwards has been cancelled or rescheduled and indeed this fate will likely befall any concert that is still scheduled for some time this year.

However, so far there has not been too significant an impact on the release of new albums, though over the last month things have started to slow down. So far, most albums released to date had their production completed before the worldwide lockdown began (or at least the final touches were at least able to be completed while confirming to social restrictions). Some of the notable releases include Apocalyptica (Cell-O), Green Day (Father of all), Sons of Apollo (MMXX), Lovebites (Electric Pentagram), Ozzy Osbourne (Ordinary Man), Five Finger Death Punch (F8), Body Count (Carnivore) and Testament (Titans of Creation). As things have continued, the completed works are beginning to dry up and we are likely to experience a lack of new albums over the coming months – while we will still see a few new albums coming out, this isn’t going to be one of the stand out years in music (at least not in a good way).

All is not lost, while I’m sure a good number of bands are using their time at home to work on new material that will see the light of day next year, a number of bands have been taking to Youtube and other social channels to help keep their fans entertained during this trying, and potentially tedious, time. There has been an influx of bands releasing previous concerts (often DVD only releases) on Youtube - have a look at a selection of concerts here (though keep in mind that some concerts are only being made available for a limited time) – we have seen others go one step further and put on special live performances (socially distanced of course!), of special note would be the excellent live performance from Apocalyptica, Goldfinger have been creating a number of quarantine videos, We Carry On by Killswitch Engage, Here Kitty Kitty by The Offsping and as part of the part of the TogetherAtHome series there is pop/rock violinist Lindsey Stirling & Evanescence singer, Amy Lee . For the Machine Head fans, an impromptu live stream from Rob Flynn covers history of the Blackening album as well as playing back a few tracks.

Although it is starting to look like there is an end in sight, it will be a long while before things return to normal, but I’d be happy to see singers & bands engaging with their fans in this way becoming part of the new normal.