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F1's unexpected early action to fix its overtaking problem

Creator: THE RACE    Category: Sport    Added: 13 Sep 2023

With Formula 1’s next major rules overhaul due in 2026, everyone expected the next couple of seasons to be ones of stability. But the FIA has other ideas.
It now plans to tweak the rules in 2025 in a bid to improve the quality of the racing.
While the technical regulations will remain fundamentally the same, the hope is that some seemingly small modifications in 2025 in areas that have been found to be problematic will positively influence the aerodynamic wake characteristics.
But hang on, you might ask, wasn’t this problem meant to be solved by the major rule changes in 2022? Well, the ground-effect cars did improve the problem of dirty air but they didn’t solve it.

00:00 Getting worse
02:14 What will change?
03:59 What about 2026?
05:24 A recent example
08:18 Can this be solved?

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