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2024 Mercedes AMG GT 63! The V8 Coupe Hero of AMG! First Look

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V8 Coupe Perfection, with a Black Series Face! Say hello to the saviour of #MercedesAMG, our new #AMGGT coupe!!

It is mind blowing, looking exactly like my GT Black Series on the front - when #AMG are left to their own devices on design, they knock this stuff out the park!

Launching first is a GT63 and GT55, which are both PURELY V8 Powered only, and it’s the sportiest AMG in the line-up. But with this new GT, the formula has changed in in a big way. Now it comes standard as a 4matic+ all wheel drive car for the first time, and its practicality is doubled with a rear bench and shared interior with the SL, and a much bigger boot!

And there’s a lot more shared with the SL - The previous GT was a “rear transaxle” layout. This is where our transmission, rear diff and rear axle are all in one assembly. With the carbon torque tube connected to the engine. Gave the car a 47/53 weight distribution.

Now, the engine and gearbox are mated up front, to free up space for 4matic+ and rear wheel steering - and huge doses of practicality with a 2+2 4 seater format, and a massively enlarged boot.

The tech is largely modified from SL, but to create a significantly sportier car - so we use the aluminium rigid composite body, but made further rigid in the coupe. But unlike SL, the GT in both 55 and 63, use more dynamic set up for all other components. So we have active engine mounts as standard, electronic rear diff standard, an all new sportier ESP system, active aerodynamics taken from the learnings in AMG GT R. AMG’s Active ride control suspension is further honed here with stiffer spring rates, semi active anti roll stabilisation, new valves and piston diameters, and an optional aerodynamic package with fixed wing for more downforce.

The GT also gets race mode with drift mode as standard, as the car features a different rear transmission to the SL - which helps it sprint faster too. Performance wise, the GT63 Coupe sits at 585BHP, 800NM and sprints so 60 in 3.2 secs. The GT55 has 476BHP, 700NM and 3.9 to 60. The engine pairs to the 9 speed MCT - multi clutch gearbox with wet start off clutch.

The car doesn’t have the perfect weight balance of its predecessor, instead siting at 53/47 front to rear, and it’s significantly heavier at 1970KG. Though, it’s undoubtedly more of a daily car now, with 4matic+, more space and tech, and the 2+2 configuration.

Let’s see what you think of it today, we’ll also compare it design wise to the old AMG GT R and Black Series, as well as the SL! :)

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