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Turbo Overkill: THE FINAL EPISODE | Launch Trailer

Creator: Apogee Entertainment    Category: Gaming    Added: 10 Aug 2023

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The neon-lit dystopia known as Paradise has been overrun by Syn, an all-seeing artificial intelligence indiscriminately assimilating all life and technology to the point of extinction. Take control of Johnny Turbo as he embarks on a gun-laden quest to purge his planet of Syn’s scourge.

Turbo Overkill: The Final Episode kicks destruction into overdrive with five new Syn-enhanced, ability-boosting augments: paint the town red with dual chainsaw arms, and rev up fresh carnage with the addition of a second chainsaw leg. Rain down street-cleansing firepower from new heights with the addition of triple jump and wall slides, and fast-travel with speed boosts and Syntech portals, helping Johnny warp across the map with ease.

Slay a fresh batch of brainwashed baddies in The Final Episode, Part 1 with new cybernetic monstrosities roaming the blood-soaked streets (and skies… and… space!?). Prepare for mayhem as Jacked Junkies, dinosaur-like Mortars, and massive four-legged Clops equipped with chainsaw spears wreaking havoc and destruction across the war-ravaged planet of Paradise. If that wasn’t enough, bloodthirsty clones of Maw, Johnny’s arch nemesis (voiced by Gianna Matragrano), will stop at nothing in pursuit of decimating whatever remaining shreds of humanity he has left.

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Video Credits:

Producer & Directed by Jeron Moore
Edited by Simonas Macas
Additional Editing by Jeron Moore
Trailer Music Composed by Tim Stoney
Using Themes from “Turbo Overkill” by Nikola Jeremic, Chipper Hammond, and Tim Stoney
Trailer Music Mixed & Mastered by Mathieu Hallouin
Audio Mix and VO Engineering by Sam Ferrara
Voices Credits (in order of appearance): Jon St. John (S.A.M.M.), Patricia Summersett (Syn), Gianni Matragrano (Maw), Andy Mack, Gianni Matragrano, Jon St. John (Marine)

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