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Sci-Fi Short Film "MIGHT" | DUST

Creator: DUST    Category: Movies and TV    Added: 14 Nov 2022

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A rebel leader in an archaic and religious world runs into her lost father as she tries to reveal a secret only a god can keep.

"MIGHT" by Emil Sallinen

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More About "MIGHT":
Maryam, a rebel leader in an archaic world governed by ruthless religion, is determined to prove that the huge metallic object hovering in the sky is not a god as the priesthood claims. During a mission, she runs into a holy warrior who turns out to be her long lost father Thesus, who abandoned her when she was a child. Soon Maryam and Thesus are thrown into a series of events that will force them to face each other, change their lives and reveal a secret only a god can keep.

"MIGHT" Credits:
Written, directed and produced by
Emil Sallinen

Production designer
Petteri Mäkinen

Sara Soulié
Jonathan Hutchings
Henry Hanikka

Jonatan Sundström

VFX Supervisors
Jyri Jernström
Miika Puustinen

Costume designer
Laura Malinen

Sound designer
Pontus Borg

Jonatan Seeskari

Leo Liesvirta

Executive producers
Artur Sallinen
Taneli Sallinen
Kalle Salovaara

Tommy Mård
Ilkka Metsola
Jan Weigner

Assistant director
Daniela Ollus

Script supervisor
Vera Sui

Make-up artist
Tiina Junno

Lauri Tuura

Markus Tynskä

Camera Assistants
Jere Korppoo
Hans Barck
Pernilla Finne
Jarmo Kiuru

Sound technicians
Niclas Johansson
Zacharias Kullman
Emil Soininen
Ludvig Nylund
Jenny Ek

Maryam - Sara Soulié
Thesus - Jonathan Hutchings
High priest - Henry Hanikka
Ofria - Agneta Lindroos
Prisoners - Jussi Lankoski, Jarkko Lehtopelto
Rebels - Xavier Vandenberghe, Ramin Sohrab
Soldiers - Eki Valkonen, Pepe Karai, Ville Seivo, Antti Vaittinen, Eeli Jääkäri
Ofria body double - Emilia Johansson
Extras - Nelli Sinisalo, Heidi Aaltonen, Tomi Kerminen, Päivi Zólas, Neea Laitinen, Riku Raitala, Jorma Friman, Enni Ojutkangas

Stunt coordinators
Ramin Sohrab, Ville Seivo

Weapon operating consultant
Antti Vaittinen

Art director
Santtu Toivola

Set construction
Santtu Toivola

Lead concept artist
Petteri Mäkinen

Concept artists
Rudolf Valli, Eveliina Tarvainen, Emilia Lindholm, Henri Härkönen, Julia Nuckols, Terhi Nieminen

Costume FX supervisor
Petteri Mäkinen

Costume technicians
Emilia Lindholm, Henri Härkönen

Special FX technicians
Pietari Bagge, Tomi Lauri

Special FX assistants
Miika Puustinen, Jyri Jernström, Cherie Jenkins

Cam 3D artists
Miika Puustinen, Jyri Jernström

CNC machining technicians
Hannu Paajanen, Janne Wilenius

3D print technician
Osse Federley

Make-up department assistants
Jenni Salonoja, Aino Rasilainen, Annika Saloranta, Liisa Pesonen

3D supervisor
Miika Puustinen

Lead animator
Annika Lehtinen

3D artists
Miika Puustinen, Jyri Jernström, Inka Kamula, Johan Herrström, Petteri Mäkinen, Juha Koppström, Miika Pylkkö, Niina Kaarnaoja, Jussi Karnijoki, Rasmus Saxén, Harri Aaltonen, Petteri Stavén

Motion capture
Miika Puustinen, Jyri Jernström, Annika Lehtinen
Lume studio: Max Mäkinen, Toni Tolin

3D artists
Santeri Holm
Pertti Raami
Mikko Heiskanen
Jyri Jernström

Compositing lead
Heikki Ulmanen
Miika Puustinen

Junior compositors
Pertti Raami
Jyri Jernström

Color grading
Petri Falkenberg, Grade One

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