ALESTORM - Live in Tilburg 2019 | Napalm Records

ALESTORM - Live in Tilburg 2019 | Napalm Records

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Alestorm states:
"Oh wow! Back in the before time, in the long long ago, before many of you were even born, people could roam the earth freely without fear of being struck down by deadly diseases. We now present to you a relic from that ancient time-lost era; a 'live concert'! Behold in wonder as 3000 people stand shoulder to shoulder in a room without becoming deathly ill! Marvel at the careless abandon as 5 talentless musicians play a show for 90 minutes without once washing their hands! Recoil in horror as a 2 metre tall man inhales several beers in swift succession! Most importantly though, stay home, stay safe, and enjoy the show!"

1:34 Keelhauled
5:21 Alestorm
9:47 Magnetic North
14:10 Mexico
17:53 Over the Seas
23:00 The Sunk'n Norwegian
27:18 No Grave but the Sea
32:00 Nancy the tavern wench
37:06 Rumpelkombo
37:55 1741 (the battle of Cartagena)
46:14 Drunken sailor
48:20 Hangover
53:15 Pegleg potion
58:34 Bar √ľnd Imbiss
1:04:37 Captain Morgan's revenge
1:12:30 Shipwrecked
1:17:27 Drink
1:22:19 Wolves of the sea
1:27:05 F***ed with an anchor
1:32:45 Questing Upon the poopdeck
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