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Bullet For My Valentine - Hellfest 2022 – @ARTE Concert

Creator: ARTE Concert    Category: Music    Added: 06 Jul 2022

It was in 2003 that Bullet for my Valentine was officially born – before that, the group officiated under the name of Jeff Killed John and covered Metallica and Nirvana. New name, new universe: Matthew "Matt" Tuck's band now concocts a style mixing punk and old school metal. In this, the Welsh band of Bullet For My Valentine have chosen not to make a choice: their music is both melodic and wild.

Two years after this revamp, the quartet published The Poison and began to make a name for themselves. But it is with Fever (2010) that the group really comes out of the shadows. Accelerated recognition in part thanks to the participation of the legendary Don Gilmore in the conception of the album. Bullet For My Valentine then acquired worldwide recognition and hit the nail on the head with legendary live performances!

For this new concert at Hellfest, Bullet For My Valentine introduces the public to the sounds of a new album released last year and simply called Bullet For Valentine.

00:00 Bullet For My Valentine
0:30 Your Betrayal
5:30 Waking the Demon
10:39 Piece of Me
14:34 The last Fight
19:16 4 Words (to choke upon)
23:48 Shatter
28:22 Tears don't fall
35:00 Scream Aim Fire

[AVAILABLE UNTIL 25/12/2022]

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