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Ken Block’s 1400hp Hoonipigasus - Everything you need to know!

Creator: Hoonigan    Category: Cars, Motors, Vehicles    Added: 05 Jul 2022

Ken Block teamed up with Mobil 1 to build one of the wildest Porsche 911 race cars ever imagined, the Hoonipigasus! With America’s Mountain as the ultimate goal, we had to make sure it had every bit of horsepower with every bit of downforce to match AND an even stronger chassis to make sure it can handle anything. Preparing for the 100th running of Pikes Peak Hill Climb (engine failure and all) was a mad dash… so we didn't get a chance to answer all of your questions about the build, so here is a 50 minute mini-documentary on the birth of the Hoonipigasus. Enjoy!

Thanks to our sponsors for making the Hoonipigasus a reality!

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00:00 The Dream
07:20 The Chassis
10:36 The Aero
16:40 The Chorizo Tunnel Drivetrain
26:29 Wheels, Tires, Suspension, Brakes
32:52 The Livery
36:31 The Nervous System
40:10 The Mountain

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