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Bad Religion - Hellfest 2022 - @ARTE Concert

Creator: ARTE Concert    Category: Music    Added: 05 Jul 2022

Producing seventeen albums in thirty-eight years of existence is what can be described as a real performance. But continuing to shake the scenes of the whole world at fifty years past, that's really something! And it is clear that the scratchy voice of Greg Graffin still delights the fans of the first hour, while regularly attracting young followers.

Bad Religion is above all a sound aesthetic: a punk associating its British roots with typical West Coast sounds (surf, fuzz, garage…). This melodic and fast music to which are added the serious choirs of the whole group gave birth to a myriad of offspring, influencing a good part of the Californian punk movement.

Beyond its purely musical influences, Bad Religion is also a must on the business side: its guitarist Brett Gurewitz is at the origin of the Epitaph label which, even today, remains the most trustworthy house in the United States, and brought out (pardon the little) NOFX, Rancid, Pennywise, Offspring, Social Distortion… Mythical we tell you!

0:25 New Dark Ages
3:14 Recipe for hate
5:59 Fuck you
9:16 Do what you want
11:16 LA is burning
14:30 Epiphany
18:33 Generator
21:48 Man with a mission
25:07 Punk rock song
28:21 No control
30:11 ZZ Top - Gimme all your lovin (Thank you Mick Moroboshi for the clarification!)
31:12 Along the way
32:42 We're only gonna die
36:00 Come join us
38:07 Dept. of false hope
41:40 Infected
45:38 I want to conquer the world
47:57 21st century digital boy
51:28 Sorrow
54:39 You
56:48 American Jesus
1:00:05 Fuck Armageddon, this is hell

[AVAILABLE UNTIL 23/06/2023]

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