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UK/EU SL 63 is LOUD! Full Review of AMG’s most exciting car!

Creator: Remove Before Race    Category: Cars, Motors, Vehicles    Added: 28 Jun 2022

The Loud Exhaust of the UK/EU Specification SL 63 is to die for! Welcome back to RBR guys and to the #mercedesAMG saviour, our new #SL, still providing us #AMG nut cases the emotion we thrive on. Last time the rain of California ruined half the driving experience, but this time we are in Nice in France, and it’s the perfect weather to sample both the sunshine and some exhaust noise!

But it’s not just about noise, the new SL is a whole new vehicle created by AMG alone just like the SLS and GT. But, not one single component is shared with the previous SL or GT Roadster. Instead it has a whole new body shell which uses intelligent material composition of aluminium, steel, magnesium and fibre for rigidity. In typical modern AMG fashion much is done for rigidity such as aluminium panels on the bottom of the body, and struts on the front and rear. The result is a more rigid car than the AMG GT roadster.

BUT you also have a car with MBUX, the new screen from the S Class and a tonne of luxury comfort, even massaging seats and HUD - much like the S63 coupe and Cabriolet of the past! Pair all that to a new 2+2 layout and it stands to be an epic car.

The V8 bi turbo from the AMG GT returns, the SL 63 has 577BHP and a 0-60 of 3.6 seconds thanks to the fully variable 4Matic plus and the 9 speed MCT wet clutch from the E63. We’ll check out the ride, as the SL 63 gets adaptive ride control suspension, and rear axle steering up to 2.5 degrees PLUS limited slip differential as standard.

The roof returns to fabric top like the 300SL, so it now gets a lighter z-fold roof with three layer with noise insulation and a heated rear screen - the cherry on top is that it’s 21kg lighter than SL hard top vario! We will see how quiet it is in the interior today.

Today we’re gonna see what the car drives like with the roof on and off to compare, launch control it, and check out the all important EU and UK spec exhaust system!

It’s AMG’s most important car going forward, I’ve myself also ordered an SL55, and I’ll tell you why I picked this in the video!

Up next on on RBR is the new Audi RS3 review and MUCH MUCH More!! Subscribe to support us and see them first. :)

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