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2022 Audi RS 3 - The Mini Supercar King? //Full Review

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Welcome back to RBR guys, and say hello to the new Compact Beast of the Green Hell! Smashing the previous record by the A45S - The new #RS3 may share it’s badge with car’s from it’s past, but #AudiSport says it’s a “quantum leap” in driving agility for the mini #supercar, all thanks to a new torque splitter allowing for some RWD action! However the real selling point is what survives, that epic 5 cylinder engine so intertwined with the long history of RS. That paired with the new A3’s usability - could this be the king of hatches?! Let’s find out today!

When you think Hyper or Hot Hatch, you think RS3 or A45. And you’d be right, as these are two rivals that have pushed each other to the power and speed echelons of where Supercars existed not so long ago. And these days, carry price tags to match too with both nearing 60k spec’d up. But then our expectations of these cars are also so high, they have to be ultimate dailies in usability and yet be able to chase down a Supercar at the flick of a driving mode switch.

For Audi, the idea of a Quattro enabled hot hatch began back in 1999 in the form of the S3. Powered baby a 1.8-liter 4pot turbo engine linked to an all-wheel drive system, it shared a similar setup to the first-generation Audi TT, but by all accounts lacked the power needed to exploit the system. This led in 2010 to the first RS3 generation. A familiar spec 2.5 5 cylinder engine barked and roared like a V10 R8 - free from today’s particulate filters. It produced 235BHP and 0-60 in 4.6 seconds and didn’t share VW parts like later cars. But it found a much more powerful rival in a much later released A45 - so came Gen 2. It retained the 2.5-liter engine and Quattro, but much more powerful at 362BHPand the styling was beefed up to mimic a shortened RS6, including finally the signature twin round pipes. The facelift also saw the sedan emerge as an option.

That was an evolution, but the new car isn’t content in just doing that. Based on the MQB platform shared with VW, and other car’s like the Golf R and RSQ3: the RS3 ditches and reforges so much of the standard A3 - that it really feels like a skunkworks car. Just look at the car body, it’s almost completely RS3 unique with a widened front AND rear betraying the changes beneath.
Everything has been tinkered with. The suspension is almost all unique to RS3. With more negative camber, subframes and stabilisers which are stronger, thicker roll bars, lower wishbones that are stiffer and aerodynamically enhanced to direct air to the brakes. You can also option adaptive dampers, which today’s car has, regulating damping per millisecond on the road.

The main event though is the Legend. That 5 cylinder. It’s won 9 engine of the year awards, and for good reason. This revised version allows for max power 250 revs earlier to a winder rev band, meaning better acceleration. Here it gives 400BHP and an official 3.8 seconds - which we beat! Watch the launch control to see. It still sounds amazing, with a 1-2-4-5-3 firing order allowing for a unique sound, best in class and maybe even above these days!
This is still 7 speed gearbox, which is apparently improved, we will see when we drive it!

The big news is the RS Torque Splitter - basically Audi’s rear wheel drive actuator. Similar hardware to the Golf R, with an electronically control multi disc clutch on each rear drive shaft, able to regulate power from left to right completely variably. Will it remove problems of understeer? We will see. Give’s you drift mode for sure! And more crucially enables faster lap times, evidenced by the 7:40 Nurburgring time they posted

Today I’ll show you the full history of the Audi RS3 - then check out the Launch Edition and the carbon black edition, and even a look at the saloon. The main car that will be driven here features adaptive dampers as standard. Will it be able to justify the almost 60K price tag? Have the changes helped negate the classic understeer of Audi Sport cars? And is it the Hatchback king?! Let’s find out!!

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