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Anti-Flag - Hellfest 2022 - @ARTE Concert

Creator: ARTE Concert    Category: Music    Added: 27 Jun 2022

Still as fired up, @Anti-Flag comes to chant their punk anthems with the Hellfest audience. The perfect opportunity to discover their latest album: 20/20 Vision.

Anti-Flag was born in Pittsburgh in the late 80s. Simply calling the band a "rock band" would be a bit of a simplistic idea: this little band of punks is so committed that you could almost say that Anti-Flag is doing music. politics before making music.

It is perhaps for this reason that Anti-Flag's punk rock is so accessible: for them, music has always been above all a vehicle for the circulation of ideas. Radio college punk, almost pop if compared to the parents of the genre, Bad Religion or Descendents.

Being heard by the greatest number has always been at the heart of the system of these libertarians, anti-speciesists, anti-militarists, pacifists, internationalists, opponents of all forms of social control, specifically schools, the army or religious institutions, close to the Guevarists from Rage Against The Machine to skateboarders Noam Chomski from NOFX. They have also, to do this, been signed for two albums on a major label. An approach that pays: the group found itself on the list of artists considered unpatriotic in the United States following the attacks of September 11, 2001…

[AVAILABLE UNTIL 18/06/2023]

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