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The Offspring - Hellfest 2022 - @ARTE Concert

Creator: ARTE Concert    Category: Music    Added: 26 Jun 2022

The Offspring releases a new album! We discover Let the Bad Times Roll on the Hellfest stage.

Anyone who didn't have an inflamed skull stuck to their backpack wasn't a teenager in the 90s/2000s. Behind this logo, a group: The Offspring. Californians are behind some of the biggest hits of the last thirty years: "You're gonna far kid", "The kids aren't alright", "Pretty Fly (for a white guy)"... so many essential pieces of any self-respecting boom!

The Offspring adventure really begins with the single "Self Esteem" (1994) which propels them to the top of the world charts. The album Americana (1998) drives the point home and places the group in the pantheon of teen rock. Between 2000 and 2012, the band continued its momentum and published four opuses full of nuggets.

Despite the passage of time, The Offspring has never lost its energy and its super recognizable label. As proof: Let the Bad Times Roll, their first album in ten years. It's this crazy discography that Californians come to play at Hellfest! Next stop: your adolescence. Let's go !

00:00 Intro
00:51 Staring at the Sun
03:40 Come out and play
06:52 I want you bad
07:08 Want You Bad
12:39 The Opioid Diaries
15:50 Behind Your Walls
19:15 Hammerhead
25:00 Bad Habit
31:20 Gotta Get Away
35:24 Why don't you get a job
39:10 (Can't get my) Head Around You
42:38 Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)
45:44 The Kid's Aren't Alright
50:55 You Gonna Go Far, Kid
54:52 Self Esteem

[AVAILABLE UNTIL 16/12/2022]

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