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Brian Cox - Alien Life as we Don't Know it

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English physicist Brian Cox explains what the emergence of life on Earth can teach us about alien life throughout the cosmos. There has been an uprise in interest in recent years for life beyond Earth.
Of course footage of unidentified aerial phenomena has contributed to that enthusiasm and we are glad that even NASA has commissioned a panel to investigate UAPs.
But we shouldn't hold our breath while waiting for fuzzy video footage to yield anything exciting.
However, we should definitely explore every opportunity that may lead to an answer for one of the biggest questions in human existence:... Are we alone?

Brian Cox thinks that it is more than likely that alien life exists, given how big our galaxy is filled with billions of sun like stars and Earth-like planets.

Going beyond our solar system, we may even find evidence for life as we don't know it. While looking for habitable planets, astronomers often look for planets of similar size, mass, temperature, and atmospheric composition to Earth. But astronomers at the University of Cambridge believe there are more promising prospects.
Only discovered recently, a new class of exoplanets dubbed Hycean planets could harbor bizarre extraterrestrial lifeforms beyond the bounds of our imagination.

Many astrobiologists think that if life exists elsewhere in the universe, the vast majority of it exists in the form of single celled organisms. Such as bacteria. And intelligence, if it exists at all beyond Earth, is extremely rare. Hopefully we will find evidence for any life-form when we start to explore space. Starting with our own cosmic backyard, the solar system.

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