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Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix Pitch Meeting

Creator: Pitch Meeting    Category: Entertainment    Added: 05 Jun 2022

Step inside the pitch meeting that led to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!

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After Goblet of Fire kicked things up a notch in the Harry Potter Universe with the death of Robert Pattinson’s Cedric Diggory, things got REAL at Hogwarts in Harry’s fifth year. With the Ministry of Magic in full denial mode about Voldemort’s return, Harry and the gang had to train themselves and deal with the crazy authoritarian Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Dolores Umbridge.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix definitely raises a few questions though. Like how was it okay for them to have Harry do public manage on the way to his hearing for doing public magic? Why didn’t Umbridge break down the wall earlier if they knew where Dumbledore’s Army was practicing? Was that kiss with Cho Chang romantic or creepy? Does the power of friendship really solve everything?

To answer all these questions and more, step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! It’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience.

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