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Moon Knight Pitch Meeting

Creator: Pitch Meeting    Category: Entertainment    Added: 27 May 2022

Step inside the pitch meeting that led to Moon Knight!

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Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going all-in on the Disney Plus shows. From Wandavision, to Hawkeye, to Falcon and the Winter Soldier, they’re really pumping things out. The latest show on the slate was Moon Knight, starring Oscar Isaac as several versions of Oscar Isaac!

Moon Knight definitely raises a few questions. Like how much do we actually see Moon Knight in the Moon Knight how? How was it so easy for Harrow to convince the gods that he’s innocent? Why didn’t they just use an iPhone map to check the star map? When is death actually fatal in the MCU? Who knew it was that easy to escape from the afterlife?

To answer all these questions and more, step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to Moon Knight! It’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience.

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