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The Evolution of The Universe Explained by Brian Cox

Creator: Science Time    Category: Education    Added: 09 May 2022

Beloved physicist Brian Cox explains the evolution of the universe. Starting from the big bang up to the modern day universe we observe today. Brian Cox also explains inflation and what it entails for 21st century cosmology.

Some 13.75 billion years ago, the universe emerged from a hot, dense sea of matter and energy. As the cosmos expanded and cooled, it spawned galaxies, stars, and the planets we observe today. But the timeline between when the universe began and the universe we observe today, is huge. And there are lots of unsolved mysteries in that period of time. Fortunately for curious minds that want to know how the universe began and evolved, cosmologists including Brian Cox have offered a very sharp picture on what the universe's past, present and future looks like.

As the universe expanded, it cooled off enough to let the plasma become atoms, and for the first time in the history and evolution of the universe, it became transparent. We observe the light from this time as the cosmic microwave background.

As the first stars and black holes formed, they turned much of the hydrogen gas in the universe into plasma again, a process astronomers call “reionization”.
But how can scientists be so certain about these events that supposedly happened billions of years ago?

Brian Cox also explains why we are confident on our measurements of the universe.

It is certainly a privilege to be born in the 21st century and have access to all the available knowledge about the universe. Hopefully, if civilization lasts we will continue to get ever so closely to a complete picture of the cosmos and our place in it.

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