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Formula E Gen3's Tech - The Future of E Racing Explained

Creator: Autosport    Category: Sport    Added: 05 May 2022

How is Formula E's Gen3 Car a massive leap up from Gen2? Finally unveiled at the Monaco E Prix, we've finally gotten a look at the future of Formula E, and with a massive list of upgrades, new components, better sustainability and even a "fighter-jet" inspired design, it's certainly going to make next season interesting. Jake Boxall-Legge takes a dive into what makes the car so impressive, and why the changes are more than meets the eye.

0:00 Fighter-Jet design
0:46 Two motors?!
1:56 Tyres, wings and downforce
2:45 Recycle your Formula E
3:58 Gen3's high hopes
4:26 Comparing Gen1, 2 & 3

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