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New Aston Martin DBX 707 - The World’s Most Powerful SUV?! FIRST LOOK

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Fastest, Most powerful, Best handling? The #AstonMartin of old never strived for such accolades, content in being the left-field choice for the more discerning (less ambitious) customer. But AML is under new Management, with Ex-AMG Boss Tobias Moers taking charge, he’s bringing his work ethic of being top dog, to the British Marque.

Now we know that the #DBX sits on a whole New SUV platform, clean sheet for the SUV. Bonded aluminium just like the #supercar Aston platform. Being their own platform has given them freedoms in terms of chassis, design and technologies. The shape of the car, its way way shorter in height than any of the rivals, smooth edges and short overhangs. Despite this, it’s class leader in interior space. Theres also a flat floor with no sill to climb over, making it the easiest in class to get in and out of.

BUT — The Urus had major performance advantages with 650 hp, 0-60 in close to 3 seconds… vs the DBX’s 540 and 4.3. Heck, a fully spec’d RSQ8 has 600 BHP and 3.8 seconds for 126k.

Enter the “DBX 707”. A 707PS and 900Nm beast, able to hit 0-60 in 3.3 seconds, we’ll on it’s way to breaking some lap records at the Nurburgring we think!

Head of Powertrain Engineering, Ralph Illenberger, the DBX707’s engine now features ball bearing turbochargers and a bespoke engine calibration, alongside new 9-speed wet clutch gearbox. Align with faster shifts, it allows output of to be increased to 707PS and 900Nm, increases of 157PS and 200Nm over the DBX.

The 707 features a new version of the electronic limited slip rear differential (e-diff) which is strengthened to handle the torque, with Power distribution is still automatic, with 100% able to go to the rear wheels.

The 707 still uses the Triple volume air suspension linked to the 48v anti roll system - it now features new damper valving and recalibration of spring volume switching. The electronic power steering system has also been adjusted too. And to top it off carbon ceramic brakes come standard at 420mm front and 390mm rear — giving a big 40.5KG reduction in unsprung mass, covered by bigger 23inch wheel options.

The design is like a DBS on steroids, with the biggest grille they have ever made, bigger air intakes, and and aggressive rear with huge quad pipes - see what the 707 exhaust sounds like later!

The Interior has New Dynamic mode buttons, with a rotary control in the middle and specific buttons for suspension, esp and exhaust. In the Drive modes, Race Start launch is available in GT Sport and Sport+ modes. And finally, they have even added soft close doors!

We’ll have to wait to drive it to see how it tees up to the Lamborghini Urus, and the record holding Cayenne GT, but the basis seems amazing!


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