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It’s Time to Coin A New Term for Cinematic Linear Adventure Games | Extra Punctuation NSFW

Creator: The Escapist    Category: Gaming    Added: 01 Dec 2021

The sad thing about mainstream video games these days is that it’s no longer a craftsman’s industry, really. While the technology was still developing everything had to be built from the ground up. Developers usually coded their own engine, created all the art assets and sounds – I can’t find a source right now but I remember reading that the underwater explosion sound in Quake was created by wrapping a condom around a microphone and sticking it in a bath. That’s a fun story. They made the explodey head effect in the movie Scanners by filling a fake head with dogfood and blasting it with a shotgun. That’s a fun story, too. A lot more fun than “we downloaded it from a library” or “we just used CG.”

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