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Russell to Mercedes, Bottas to Alfa Romeo - F1 2022's big driver moves explained

Creator: THE RACE    Category: Sport    Added: 06 Sep 2021

Valtteri Bottas has announced that he’s signed a multi-year deal with Alfa Romeo starting in 2022, meaning he’s leaving Mercedes. And while Mercedes hasn’t announced his replacement as we release this video, clearly that means Lewis Hamilton’s team-mate next year will be Nico Rosb… George Russell.
In this video Scott Mitchell explains why Russell’s case became too strong for Mercedes to ignore for any longer, what we can expect from a Hamilton/Russell line-up, and how Bottas ended up with limited options that meant he had to take a significant step down the grid to keep his F1 career going

Thanks to @Crashalong for his brilliant 3D animations of Russell’s Spa qualifying lap vs Max Verstappen and the collision between Bottas and Russell at Imola. Make sure you subscribe to the Crashalong channel for more videos like these

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Our verdict on Bottas to Alfa Romeo

Toto Wolff's reaction

Hamilton's message of gratitude

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