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Scarleth - Feel The Heat (Official Music Video)

Creator: Spaceuntravel    Category: Music    Added: 11 Aug 2021

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"Feel The Heat" is the first single of the new Scarleth "Vortex" album released on 15th of November 2019 via Rockshots Records.

Sound by Max Morton. Video directed by Eugene Heats.

Victor Morozov on "Feel The Heat":
"This is one of the first tracks we've done for this album. It's kind of pretentious song about our band! About what music means to us, how we living our life through music and so on. Cool and catchy chorus you'll be humming for days :)"

About Scarleth:

Playing music on joint of modern heaviness and diverse melodism, for the time being the band has played several hundreds of live shows, released three full-length albums worldwide, ("Break The Silence" / 2011, "The Silver Lining" / 2015, "Vortex" / 2019) and took part in many festivals. Band's style is expanding constantly and represents mind-blowing mixture of many melodic genres - from power, folk, doom and gothic metal to modern/progressive metal. The band completely deserves to be called one of the most outstanding young musical representatives of its style.

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