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Why An Audi Or Porsche Formula 1 Entry Is More Likely Than Ever Before

Creator: Autosport    Category: Sport    Added: 07 Jul 2021

Could a VW Group engine, or even an F1 car, enter Formula 1 in the next few years? With Audi, Porsche and even Lamborghini being possible options to utilise, Volkswagen’s chiefs have been offered the chance to help mould F1’s 2025 new engine regulations. But why Join F1 now? Jess McFadyen takes a look at the 4 reasons why this might be the VW Group’s best opportunity to race in Formula 1, and which of their infamous brands would best fit on the grid.

0:00 VW Group Looking To Join F1
0:44 Porsche's VP Shows Great Interest
1:39 F1's Sustainable Future
2:20 F1's 2025 Engine Regs
3:48 Stefano Domenicali's Influence
4:42 Which VW Brand Would Enter?

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