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Bad Religion au Hellfest (2013)

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Set List:
00:53 - True North
02:40 - Anesthesia
05:14 - Generator
09:16 - I Want to Conquer the World
11:28 - 21st Century Digital Boy
14:34 - Overture
15:26 - Sinister Rouge
18:20 - Fuck You
20:27 - Dharma and the Bomb
22:22 - You
24:29 - Punk Rock Song
26:52 - Beyond Electric Dreams
29:49 - Submission Complete
33:04 - American Jesus
36:14 - Sorrow
39:42 - Fuck Armageddon... This is Hellfest!
42:50 - Vanity
43:53 - Infected
48:13 - Dept of False Hope
50:50 - Final Jam

Bad Religion has been around officially since 1979, making them one of the oldest American (and even international) punk rock bands in business. This year he released "True North", his 13th album. A melodic and fast punk rock, where the hoarse voice of Greg Graffin is carried by the serious and cheerful choirs of the whole group.

Bad Religion released True North, their 13th album this year. A record that does not differ from the entire production of the group (with the notable exception of the accursed, and now untraceable Into The Unknown): a melodic and fast punk rock, where the hoarse voice of Greg Graffin is carried by the serious and cheerful choirs of the whole group. After a difficult period in the second half of the 1990s, Bad Religion has been since its reunion in 2001 a solid and essential machine.If NOFX has given a sound and a genre to Californian punk rock, it is above all because Bad Religion gave it an identity. By distinguishing itself from all the strict and very ideologized hardcore scenes, and by developing a punk at the crossroads of what it might have been in England and typically West Coast music (surf, fuzz, garage ...), Bad Religion has defined a sound aesthetic.Beyond that, its guitarist Brett Gurewitz is also at the origin of the Epitaph label which, even today, remains the most trustworthy house in the United States, and made the emergence (excuse the little ) NOFX, Rancid, Pennywise, Offspring, Social Distorsion… and through its Scandinavian correspondent Burning Heart: Millencolin, Randy, Refused, Satanic Surfers… and through its Hellcat subdivision (directed by Tim Armstrong, of Rancid): Choking Victim, Leftöver Crack, Dropkick Murphys, Nekromantix, The Distillers… shall we continue?

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