Machine Head - Carling Academy, Glasgow 2007 Review

Review Type: Gig

Machine Head make a long overdue return to Scotland on the back of their latest album, The Blackening. Expectations are high, can Machine Head deliver?

Machine Head - Carling Academy, Glasgow 2007

We arrived during Chimaira's set, which was a maelstrom of noise. They were going down well with the crowd but the most apparent thing to these ears was the repeated use of blasts of double bass drum beats alongside a riff during many of the songs and although it works it does sound a bit repetitive after a while. The tracks from their new album Resurrection did sound different and had more depth to them. They certainly warmed up the crowd though!

Next up was Lamb of God, a band who deserve headline status in their own right. The crowd was chanting their name long before they came on and they received a terrific welcome. They were as technically proficient as ever with a lot of the crowd singing along to every word.
This was another band that went down well with the crowd and they played an intense set, which lasted over an hour.

The atmosphere has been building with the support bands and the chant of Machine F*ckin' Head came from the crow in anticipation of their appearance. They opened their set with Clenching the Fists of Dissent, the first track of off their new album The Blackening, a storming song that had the crowd going wild from the start. Classic tracks such as Old, Ten Ton Hammer and Take My Scars were performed and I have to say they were played with fury and sounded fresh and the crowd got even wilder.

The atmosphere was electric and the band were amazed at the crowd, who were chanting Machine F*ckin' Head at every opportunity, on more than one occasion Rob Flynn proclaimed they were amazing.

Aesthetics of Hate had a long introduction about the amount of hatred in the world and the death of Dimebag (whose name got a big cheer from the audience)

It also has to be noted that near the end of this gig there appeared one of the biggest Mosh Pits I have ever seen, a Glaswegian crowd knows how to enjoy itself!!!

The band stopped and came back on to do an encore but had to wait as the crowd had started to sing "Flower of Scotland" and it was a better version than any at any football match. All Rob Flynn could do was stand back and listen shaking his head, he was totally gobsmacked. He started bowing to the crowd.

Rob Flynn said he doubted any other gig of the tour would be as good and I have to agree!

The encore started off with Davidian, which drove everyone wild (including myself) and summed up the night a fantastic performance from a fantastic band at the height of their powers with a fantastic crowd!!

Reviewer: El Tel
The verdict: 10 - Gigs don't get any bigger or better than this!!!!!!!