Nine Inch Nails - Glasgow Feb 2007 Review

Review Type: Gig

Nine Inch Nails make a very rare trip to Scotland, so naturally the team have to go and check them out!

Nine Inch Nails - Glasgow Feb 2007

Myself and Tel were at the Glasgow Carling Academy last night for the first sold out show at that venue for Nine Inch Nails  it's been a long time since Trent and his band have been in this neck of the woods and that was clear to see by the maniacal crowd!

I have to confess I was disappointed with the selection of support band, having never heard of Ladytron before and expecting someone really 'big' to support NIN. How wrong was I?! I've been converted and I'll be looking out some of their CD's very soon. Their mix of pop-goth-electronica made me think of a soundtrack to an art-weirdo-horror movie. A real surprise treat!

NIN's arrival on stage was almost a bit of a comedy. There was more smoke poured onto that stage than all the gigs I've been to combined! The result was that for the first 3 songs you couldn't see anything on stage! Not a single thing. Now I'm all for Reznor teasing us a bit and adding to the atmospherics with a bit of mystical smoke and lighting but this was farcical and I was beginning to think I could have saved myself some cash and gone home and listened to a CD with the lights out. Fortunately though the smoke eventually gave way to reveal the hero of the moment in full swing racing about the stage and putting so much energy into the performance you would think he would explode if he stood still for a moment. Despite early visual problems one thing no-one could fault was the sound, it was razor sharp from the opening notes of Mr Self Destruct to the final screech of feedback on Head Like A Hole. I don't think I've heard a bands sound fill a room quite as powerfully as this before. And of the music I have to say I was again pleasantly surprised, I wasn't sure how NIN's music would fare in a live setting given the heavy sampling of their records but again I was completely wrong. Trent Reznor has assembled a band of excellent musicians who take his creations to new levels that I wouldn't have imagined possible.

And finally to the set list, and again, no complaints. It really was a fans dream playlist! Something I Can Never Have, Wish, March Of The Pigs, Closer&do I need to go on? OK, just a little bit, the encore was utterly stunning. Johnny Cash may have added new depth to the song Hurt but live on stage Trent has taken it back with a jaw dropping rendition which had the crowd in the palm of his hand. Blistering versions of Bite The Hand That Feeds and Head Like A Hole brought the night to a magnificent close.

Reviewer: Marky Boy
The verdict: 10 - 15 minutes of too much smoke can't detract from a truly outstanding performance.