Cradle of Filth - The Academy, Glasgow Review

Review Type: Gig

Carling Academy 08/12/05
A superb show from a band on top of their game

Cradle of Filth - The Academy, Glasgow

We were late arriving at the gig and stood in a queue of people running down the side of the street next to the gig and unfortunately only caught the last song of the support band Octavia Sperati so we were unable to review this band.

We caught the entire set of Cathedral who went down well with the crowd but as neither of us are that familiar of the band we cannot comment on individual songs but the standard of the musicianship seemed quite high and as expected they played some heavy Black Sabbath styled riffs...

Classical music announced the imminent arrival of Cradle of Filth.

The stage was laid out with a screen at the back and higher platforms at the back, more of which later...

They started off their set with 'Gilded C*nt' a great opener, heavy but with melody and plenty of time changes to keep things interesting. The aforementioned screen showed various images of half naked woman during this song... Also at either side of the stage on risers, two stone gargoyle-like demons sat motionless...

Dani Filth introduced the band as "Those English C**ts..." which obviously went down well with a Glaswegian crowd!

The next track up was 'Medusa and Hemlock' another great track and at this point the stone gargoyles came to life and started to run about on stage!!

it has to be said the sound was excellent, keyboards could be heard amongst the heavy riffs, much better than their set at Tattoo the Planet at the Glasgow SECC and much better that I had expected.

Next up was Ctuhlu Dawn from the Midian album and once again this sounded great.

It was now the turn of Babylon AD a track with a great riff and crowd participation for the chorus of 'So Glad of the Madness' and boosted again by the good sound.

The next track 'Thank God for the Suffering' was enhanced by the use of red lighting

Next track 'Born in a Burial Gown' introduced two performers onto the stage on the risers at the back, each with a pair of flaming batons which they twirled during the song.

There was great applause for the into of Nymphetamine. The screen showed images similar to ones used for the video of this song. Dani got the crowd going getting them to sing the chorus line of 'Nympetamine'. The biggest cheer was at the end of this song the woman on screen lifted her top off! The female vocals for this song were particularly good.

Another cheer as 'Her Ghost in the Fog' is introduced with again great sound and great female vocals with the keyboards being heard clearly through the riffs.

There was a slight intermission until a giant puppet at least 8ft tall appeared on stage. It was demonic looking with glowing red eyes and looked extremely cool! It then proceeded to head bang to the music, excellent stuff!

The puppet disappeared and it was back to older material with 'Ebony Dressed For Sunset' from the Vempire album.

Heaven Torn Asunder from the Dusk and her Embrace album was next but this did not come over so well as a lot of the fast parts were hard to discern which was the only fault I could find with the sound on the night but as for the rest of the songs the standards of the musicianship was first class.

They exited with 'From the Cradle to enslave' a great track with a great keyboard into and some punishing riffs. during this song the performers came back with huge sparkler devices to create a lot of sparks onstage in the background. AT the finale of the song the air was filled with glitter and it looked pretty impressive!!

A great show from a great band who can play and know how to put on a show and sound even better with proper sound!

Reviewer: El Tel
The verdict: 9 - Great night of Heavy Melodic Metal!