The Almighty - Glasgow 5th Jan 2006 Review

Review Type: Gig

Glaswegian heavy rockers reform for special benefit shows

The Almighty - Glasgow 5th Jan 2006

The Almighty used to be a quality band, the fact that they were from Glasgow and told anyone that would listen that their hometown was the best place in the world to play a gig just made them all the more popular in this country. The Almighty went out on a horrible low note however, they released a lacklustre album in 1996 at the height of their powers and chucked it soon after, they then reformed briefly for a couple more below par records before deciding to disband for good. This year the classic line-up of Ricky Warwick, Floyd London, Stumpy Munroe and Pete Friesen are reforming to play two shows: Glasgow and London - the reason? To raise money for Leukaemia Research, because bassist Floyd London has recently battled the disease and he and his former bandmates decided to do their bit to help raise money for this good cause.

So after that good old roadie bellowing intro that we'll never tire of hearing: "please welcome from Glasgow, Scotland, the all loud, the all wild, The Al-f***ing-Mighty!!!" things are kicked off appropriately with Welcome To Defiance, with it's bass intro putting Floyd in the spotlight and title which has been adopted for these gigs. From the off it's clear that The Almighty mean business - they sound fantastic and from start to finish they are incredibly tight and sound like they never split up - you have to remember this particular incarnation of the band haven't shared a stage for 10 years! All 4 members really give it everything they have.

The set-list tonight has been chosen by the fans via the official website so there can be no complaints on that front, and naturally we're treated to a true greatest hits package: Destroyed, Jonestown Mind, Crucify, Free N Easy - they're all here and all sound as amazing as they did 10 years ago. But never one to pass up the opportunity to moan, I have to ask, who the hell voted for All Sussed Out? And while I'm on my high horse, it has to be said that the encores are an absolute disaster. After being blown away by the cheese-fest of Full Force Lovin' Machine and Wild & Wonderful two of The Almighty's oldest and most popular songs the band return to the stage for a baffling track that I don't recognise and Do You Understand which is by no means their best song or a suitable closer. A pity it ended so poorly.

That aside the night can only be described as a downright success, summed up by the massive grin adorning Floyd's face throughout the gig. Hopefully a lot of money has been raised for a good cause and The Almighty have reinstated their good name by reminding us what a great back catalogue they have and how formidable they were live. Who would complain if they offered to do it again in a few years time with the same idea for choosing the set-list and donating the proceeds to charity?

Reviewer: Marky Boy
The verdict: 9 - Great band, great gig, great cause, dreadful encore