KMFDM - Glasgow 27th Oct 2005 Review

Review Type: Gig

Legendary German industrial band KMFDM land at the Cathouse in Glasgow for the Scottish stage of their new tour.

KMFDM - Glasgow 27th Oct 2005

Almost 10 years ago KMFDM came to my attention thanks to a friend who loved industrial music. Being a heavy metal fan myself, KMFDM provided a good mix of fast and aggressive songs, balanced with some slower and distinctly 'non-metal' songs. Having listened to them for a number of years, they drifted from my play lists in recent years, however on hearing that they would be playing a gig in Glasgow some nostalgic memories resurfaced and I felt compelled to attend.

Gig night arrives, but unfortunately due to venue refurbishment (which for those of you that know The Cathouse in Glasgow, the renovations are making a great difference to the place), KMDFM were unable to perform their sound checks over the noise of power tools! This delayed the start of the gig from 7:30 to 9:30, quite a delay indeed. Thankfully with the Cathouse being a two level nightclub, this meant that the top level was opened up and the DJ hit the decks to get us all in the mood!

The gig finally gets started with Pointless Creation opening the show, who had already started while everyone was making their way downstairs. Unfortunately, Pointless Creation were only able to perform 4 or 5 songs before finishing, presumably a result of the late start, which didn't really give them much opportunity to get going. Despite a few promising sounding songs, they didn't really do anything to impress in the little time they had.

Second up was Panic DHH (or Panic Drives Human Herds to give them their full name), immediately hitting us with a good high tempo opener that really captured the crowds attention. Thankfully Panic DHH were able to play a longer set than the opening act, providing more opportunity to play a variety of songs. The middle of the Panic DHH set slowed the pace down, with the overall feel being much more industrial than metal, so this didn't appeal to me on a personal level, however the crowd still seemed to be enjoying it. To my delight, the last couple of songs picked up the pace again, ending the set with a very fast and aggressive onslaught. Good way to go!

Then came KMDFM, part of me wondered whether I'd still remember (m)any of their songs, however as they got going, there were certainly a lot of songs that I recognised, even if not knowing their name. Early up was 'Son Of A Gun' setting the place rocking and suddenly making me realise just how packed the Cathouse was. The atmosphere was fantastic, further fuelled by the distinct visual presence of KMDFM on stage and their dual vocal arrangement, pitching the machine-like stance of Sascha against the more mobile Lucia. The issues with the delayed sound checks did make themselves apparent a number of times through the show, with some bad balance between the vocal and synth volumes making Sascha's vocals difficult to hear at times, though luckily Lucia suffered less from this problem. Thankfully this didn't detract from the show too much and as the gig went on, the crowd got more and more excited and the atmosphere was electric. 'Drug Against War', my personal favourite, came on at the end of the main set, a full scale musical assault that has a sharp feel to it sounding distinctly different live than it does on the album, definitely not a bad thing though as it was amazing live!

KMFDM returned for two encores, though while I did not recognise any of the encore songs, they were suitably excellent, sending the crowd wild and making me feel compelled to get caught up with their albums! I would like to have heard 'Juke Joint Jezebel' and was surprised not to, I thought it was one of their biggest songs, however it's absence did not detract from the gig, which was brilliant. I'll definitely be seeing them again when they return.

Reviewer: Steviepunk
The verdict: 8 - Excellent gig, electric atmosphere, great night!