Turbonegro - Party Animals Review

Review Type: New Release

6th Studio album and 2nd since their comeback on Burning Heart records for the Norwegian outfit

Turbonegro - Party Animals

Track Listing

01 - Intro: The Party Zone
02 - All My Friends Are Dead
03 - Blow Me (Like The Wind)
04 - City Of Satan
05 - Death From Above
06 - Wasted Again
07 - High On The Crime
08 - If You See Kaye (Tell Her I L-O-V-E Her)
09 - Stay Free
10 - Babylon Forever
11 - Hot Stuff/Hot Shit
12 - Final Warning

Turbonegro are one of those bands that I've been meaning to try out for ages but just never got round to. Ever since I heard F*** The World and Sell Your Body To The Night on a couple of free samplers they've been on my list of bands that must be checked out but until recently I'd done nothing about it. More fool me it would seem. When a new album came out this year I decided the time had come to take the plunge and boy do I wish I had checked out these nutters earlier!

So that said, if you're ahead of me and already know this band I can't tell you how it compares against older material or if there is a shift in musical direction. What I can tell you though is what this album sounds like on it's own merit, and it sounds b***y fantastic!

Opener All My Friends Are Dead is what I would imagine a typical Turbonegro song to sound like and is arguably the best song on offer, sounding like The Dwarves at their absolute best, catchy punk fuelled rock. Hot on it's heels is the hilarious Blow Me (Like The Wind) - you have got to check out the lyrics - which sounds like some magnificent piece of 70's rock 'n' roll (think along the lines of the Free classic All Right Now). Next up is City Of Satan which takes us on another journey with it's intro sounding like Queen's We Will Rock You.

Now so far all I've done is compare Turbonegro to other bands and that might put some people off. Let me clear this up before I go any further then, Turbonegro have completely their own sound. Yes there are clever references in there to other fine bands and styles and songs but all are dripping wet with Turbonegro's own particular stamp of 80's glam / 70's rock / 90's punk and that's the beauty of this record.

From this point on the rest of the record is a big fat heavy rock trip with some guitar licks that Velvet Revolver would be proud to put their name to. If You See Kaye (try writing that in shorthand!) and Hot Stuff/Hot Sh*t being clear picks of the bunch.

Closing track Final Warning is the only slight let down on what is otherwise a most impressive collection. Expect to see Turbonegro on those albums of 2005 polls.

Now if you don't mind, I'm off to order the back catalogue and see what other gems this bunch have locked away.

Reviewer: Marky Boy
The verdict: 9 - If you're like me and have been ignoring Turbonegro for too long now is the time to sit up and pay attention. If you're already a fan I'm sure this will keep you happy.