Corrosion of Conformity - In The Arms of God Review

Review Type: New Release

The CD case of this album carried the quote "This may well be the angriest album in the history of hard rock". A bold claim indeed, angry music is not something we have ever been short of. Is In The Arms Of God the angriest album ever? More importantly, is it even a good album?

Corrosion of Conformity - In The Arms of God

Track Listing

01 - Stone Breaker
02 - Paranoid Opiod
03 - It Is That Way
04 - Dirty Hands Empty Pockets
05 - Rise River Rise
06 - Never Turns To More
07 - Infinite War
08 - So Much Left Behind
09 - The Backslider
10 - World On Fire
11 - Crown Of Thorns
12 - In The Arms Of God

I must confess that despite having known of Corrosion of Conformity for many years, they are one of the few bands that I don't think I have ever heard before. So, when I see their new album, In The Arms Of God, sporting a sticker proclaiming it the Angriest Album Ever, I felt it was time to finally check them out.

Expecting an audio onslaught of Slayer proportions, I was quite surprised at the mellow and melodic introduction of Stone Breaker, however the pace picks up to an energetic rhythm and nice deep drum beat and the tone for the album is set. Rifting guitars, deep drums and infectious rhythms are in abundance here and I really wish that I had taken the time to give Corrosion of Conformity a listen many years ago as I have obviously been missing out on some fantastic music!

Moving on, the album displays a good pace with predominantly heavy but quick beats, intermixed with a few tracks of much slower rate, such as It Is That Way and So Much Left Behind. Although those tracks do have a slower more mellow feel, they still maintain the depth and heavy beat that make this album distinctive.

This album doesn't disappoint, after many playing many times in my CD player, the album still sounds as great as it did the first time. Not a single song gets repetitive, not a single song stands out as being the 'weakest' of the group, the album is strong and focussed as a whole. The stand out best tracks in my view are the opener, Stone Break and Rise River Rise, both offering great rhythm, however both of these are topped by the title track, In The Arms Of God, which is a truly fantastic piece of work - hard hitting and of course, Angry. I wouldn't go as far as to describe this album as the Angriest Album Ever, however it probably does come close, but that isn't something that determines if an album is good, though having read through this review I'm sure that you've picked up on the fact that this is a good one!

Reviewer: Steviepunk
The verdict: 8 - Heavy, focussed, highly recommended. And, yes, is it is angry.