Greenday - American Idiot Review

Review Type: New Release

New suits, new eye shadow, old attitude. Green Day are back and are as hungry and angry as ever.

Greenday - American Idiot

Track Listing

01 - American Idiot
02 - Jesus of Suburbia
03 - Holiday
04 - Boulevard of Broken Dreams
05 - Are We the Waiting
06 - St. Jimmy
07 - Give Me Novacaine
08 - She's a Rebel
09 - Extraordinary Girl
10 - Letterbomb
11 - Wake Me Up When September End
12 - Homecoming
13 - Whatsername

It would be easy to dismiss the latest offering from Green Day before even giving it a spin based on the disappointments of their most recent releases: An acoustic album, a greatest hits package and an odds&sods collection, but let me warn you now - ignore this album at your peril! For Green Day haven't just made a welcome return to form in the shape of American Idiot - they've pushed themselves straight back to the top of the pile. Billy Joe Armstrong's song-writing has come so far it's unbelievable (and he was already pretty good!) and in the case of songs such as Jesus Of Suburbia, which comprises five different threads, the words 'utter genius' spring to mind.
In fact, the first half of the album is a collection of some of the best punk I've heard in a long while. The first three singles Idiot, Holiday and Boulevard are all totally different in style but equally powerful and catchy. Of course the hardcore fan will continue to bemoan the bands appeal to the mainstream but the all out fury of the likes of St. Jimmy should be enough to cheer them up a bit, and in my opinion - who cares anyway? - a great song is a great song no matter how popular it is, and in the case of American Idiot there is a plethora of great songs. Go buy it.

Reviewer: Marky Boy
The verdict: 9 - Stunning comeback from the pop/punk kings