Thu, 08 Mar 2007 - Posted by Mark

Again, in advance of a gig (this time Trivium) I was checking out a band I've never listened to before on the way home from work, support band Annihilator.

I only got half way through their Best Of compilation which covers their first 3 albums: ALICE IN HELL (1989), NEVER NEVERLAND (1990) and SET THE WORLD ON FIRE (1993).

I haven't finished listening to it so I wont pass final comment but so far it definitely falls into the 'classic thrash' category, sounding like early Megadeth and Anthrax. Some of the lead guitar work is really outstanding but as a whole I dont think the songs are as strong as anything by the other big 2. First vocalist Randy Rampage definitely has the nuts-caught-in-trouser-zip typical thrash screaming style!