Ramones - End Of The Century

Mon, 27 Nov 2006 - Posted by Mark

I finally got round to watching the Ramones documentary End Of The Century last night. I've been really keen to see this since it was released last year but ended up missing the cinema run and then only just got round to watching the DVD.

It's a documentary that left me with mixed emotions. On one hand I found the history of the band (and punks origins) absolutely fascinating, but on the other hand none of the band members came across as particularly likeable people, especially ever-present guitarist Johnny Ramone, but then again you had to applaud their honesty and to tell the story exactly as it was without trying to cover anything up. You'll be amazed at how a band that lasted this long and has such cult status struggled all their career, never achieving the recognition of the bands they inspired, and had such damging internal friction!

I would definitely recommend seeing this as it's a real eye opener but already owning a couple of Ramones albums, I have to say, I wasn't exactly desperate to go out and buy more by the end of this film. 8/10