Forgotten Classics!

Mon, 13 Apr 2009 - Posted by Steviepunk

I’m currently ripping my entire CD collection to my new backup device and the other day I reached the letter L - I'm one of those sad gits that has his shelf in alphabetical order. As I worked my way through the Life Of Agony back catalogue I had a notion to play their debut album River Runs Red. The very next day I picked it up on my way to work and blasted it out the car stereo – Chris Moyles didn’t get a look in that day!

To be honest I’d forgotten how fantastic this album is, it’s an absolute whirlwind of human emotion set to the backdrop of some outstanding hardcore. Strictly speaking I never thought of LOA as an out and out hardcore band, they were always a bit different from the regular scene but I wouldn’t know where to start by putting them into another genre.

This Time, Through And Through, Bad Seed, The Stain fact the whole damn album. Absolutely brilliant. One of the most criminally unknown albums in the rock world. If you own it, go dig it out and give it a spin, it’ll still sound as great as it did in 1993. If you haven’t heard it before then get it, it’s worth taking a chance on.

It makes me wonder though, what other classics exist in my collection that I haven’t listened to for ages and have forgotten about? If you have any suggestions yourself let me know.