Chinese Democracy first impressions

Sun, 30 Nov 2008 - Posted by Mark

Just like Dr Pepper, Axl Rose got the last laugh on me, it wasn't that long ago I took a pop at Stevie for having the audacity to suggest GNR's new album would be out this year, fortunately I didnt bet a couple of million cans of juice on it :)

But now that it's finally here a Grindaar review is most undoubtedly in order and will follow shortly, there's no telling when the next Guns record will come out so we should make the most of this moment.

In the meantime though, let me take you through my first impressions. Overall, I have to say I dont think it's a bad album, that might be due to the fact I had such low expectations, but it may be several months or a year before I form a balanced opinion but for now I'm ok with it. My gut feeling though is that this is not a Guns N Roses album. It sounds nothing like the music the band produced in the past and I think this is a major stumbling block for most people. I think if this had come under the name Axl Rose instead of Guns N Roses it would have been far better received. What you get here is a decent rock album, but it's not rock in the sense of say Out Ta Get Me or You Could Be Mine.

Stand out track so far: There Was A Time