The Dwarves

Mon, 13 Aug 2007 - Posted by Mark

1 gig down, 3 to go.

The Dwarves at Glasgow's King Tuts on Friday night was a good gig. This time we were treated to a full set (all 45 minutes of it) and there was no controversy although HeWhoMustNotBeNamed at one point swung his guitar at someone in the crowd - fortunately he didn't make a connection and the roadies/security stepped in to defuse the situation.

As far as music goes it was a good night. First band The Baddies were good. My first impressions of them were they looked like The Hives but they sounded more like The Jam. Good all the same. Next up where The Elvis Suicide with mandatory sideburns. They sounded a bit like The Misfits meets The Cure. Alright if you like that kind of thing. The 3rd support band were Dangerfields from Belfast and they were cool, storming through their set of traditional 100mph rock. There's not many bands can claim to have their drummer as their frontman but The Dangerfields make the music work and their crowd rapport between songs was some of the best I've heard for a while (always like a band with a sense of humour).

And finally to The Dwarves. As always the music was fantastic: Everybodies Girl, Better Be Women, How It's Done, Like You Want...all the favourites were there and played with gusto. You just cant help but think that if they weren't so completely wild and uncontrollable they would have been snapped up by a major label and be huge by now...not that I'm saying that's what the fans or the band would want - just pointing out they have the songwriting capabilities.

Next up: Napalm Death...