Gig frenzy

Thu, 09 Aug 2007 - Posted by Mark

Stevie and I are hoping to take in 4 gigs in the next 3 weeks:
The Dwarves, Napalm Death, The Subordinates and Turbonegro.

The Dwarves is tomorrow night, we dont have tickets yet but based on the poor turnout last time they were in Glasgow we're banking on it not being a sell out and we can get tickets on the door. Sadly no new album since we last saw them but their tunes are so great it's definitely worth seeing again, and it's fair to say you never know what you'll get at a Dwarves show!

I was listening to the new Turbonegro album Retox on the way to work this morning and it's another cracker. I possibly prefer it's predecessor Party Animals at the moment but still a very good album with more hilarious lyrics. If you like rock, you'll like this!

The Subordinates are an exciting local band led by a very good friend of mine. I'm gutted that I haven't caught them live before now so hoping to make it next week to see what they're like, certainly the 3 songs posted on their MySpace site are very promising.

And so to Napalm Death, what is there to say that hasn't already been said about these legends, these pioneers? I spotted a live review in a mag the other day that suggested they still have it so looking forward to my ear drums getting a right good workout. I'm currently downloading my Napalm CD's to the MP3 player in anticipation.

We'll keep you posted on what the shows are like.