Rock music in the charts

Mon, 16 Oct 2006 - Posted by Mark

I've just been reading that My Chemical Romance and Trivium are currently #1 in the UK singles and album charts respectively (

To be honest I'm not sure where I stand on this. Of course I would much rather see 'real' guitar driven music receiving the credit it deserves and see it top of the pile rather than the latest manufactured boy-band wasters, but there's just something about us rockers/metallers that makes us uncomfortable in the limelight and receiving the adoration of the pop loving masses! I guess we are just so used to being kept in the dark and having our own scene that we don't like sharing it when a band hits the big time.

I suppose we should be saying good luck to them and here's to more appreciation to rock, metal and punk but I just have this fear of the guys who are flying our flag selling out and appearing on the latest teeny bopper magazines. Let's hope I'm wrong and the rest of the world is finally waking up to what we've known for years!