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Tetris is the puzzle game that largely made famous by it's Gameboy incarnation. Nearly everyone has heard of Tetris, the simple game that is unbelievably addictive! Now you can play Tetris online and save your scores to the Swoj.com Tetris High Score Table.

Tetris runs on Internet Explorer 4, 5 & 6 and Netscape 4.x (the appropriate version of Tetris will load when you select to play).

The controls for each version are displayed when you choose to play. The rules are simple:

  • Rotate and Move the blocks to make unbroken horizontal lines
  • Creating 4 lines at a time is known as a Tetris
  • Do not let the blocks pile up
  • If the pile reaches the top then it's game over!
  • When you get Game Over, click the 'Save Score' button to save your score

Simple really!

Waste no more time play Tetris - Now!

Alternatively, have a look at the current high score tables

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