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Another milestone, 10,000,000 visitors

07 Oct 2011
This week we hit another milestone for the site, receiving our 10 millionth visitor. Always good to see that after all this time people are still coming to the site. Thanks for visiting :)
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Back online.

07 Apr 2011
Apologies to anyone having trouble accessing the site in the last few days, we've had some hardware issues which has prevent the site from running correctly.  Thankfully spares are now in place and the site is back up and running again :)   Enjoy.
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Snake Fixed!

07 Feb 2011
Noticed a bug that was preventing Snake from being played at all.  This is now fixed, so Snake will now be playable again in Internet Explorer.
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Twelve Days of Trailers

25 Dec 2010
A 12 day round up of trailers for upcoming movies in 2011 will be posted on our Facebook page over the coming 12 days.  Click to view the Swoj.com Facebook page, and feel free to 'like' it while you are there to keep up to date with the latest additions.

Have a great Christmas!
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Remember the Star Wars Kid?

05 Jun 2010
A long, long time ago, in an Internet not very far away....

The Star Wars Kid was a kid unfortunate enough to have recorded himself pretending to be a Jedi (or probably Darth Maul) and the video found it's way onto the internet and spread like wildfire (view some of the Star Wars Kid videos).  Circa 2002, in the days before Youtube became the norm, this was quite a phenominon.

A new feature has cropped up that catches up with the Star Wards kid and looks at what he is doing now.  He doesn't seem to be doing too badly for himself. Have a read at the feature over at Mashable.
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What's new?

23 May 2010
The latest updates on Swoj.com:

MegamindMovies Trailers:

Two similar animated Superhero movies, both focusing on the villain are on the horizon, Megamind and Despicable Me, both with heavy weight comedy talent behind them so should both be worth watching. Additionally, with the last update focusing on the macho action movies, this time we have MacGruber which takes the 80s action movie and turns it on it's head. Finally we have Super 8, the latest movie from JJ Abrams and with only a teaser released so far, we know little about it.

Megamind - (Will Ferrel, Brad Pitt)
Despicable Me
Super 8 - (JJ Abrams)
MacGruber (Will Forte, Ryan Phillippe, Val Kilmer)

We also had news that the TV shows Heroes (and Flashforward) have been cancelled, with Heroes being replaced with a new super hero offering, The Cape. Heroes might have had it's day, but it's a shame about Flashforward!

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Stallone Vs Predator

04 Apr 2010
Stallone Vs Predator
The summer movie season is approaching and the release rate of movie trailers is increasing.  In this update we have some of the more action heavy offerings that are coming up (and a couple that are not so much!).  Which will be the ultimate action movie this summer, well it looks like it's going to be down to Stallone's "The Expendables" or "Predators" for the title of 'Most Bad Ass'.

Check out the new trailers:

The Expendables
The A-Team
Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
Tron Legacy

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