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Welcome to Grindaar, the new section of Swoj.com, here to bring you reviews of alternative music, from heavy metal to death metal, from Punk to Grunge and all in between.

Grindaar came about 7 years ago when we realised there were very few places on the internet to find good reviews of our kind of music, so we decided to do something about it. Despite the set backs on the way; work, redundancy, work, babies, work, lack of enthusiasm and, of course, work, we set the final mission for 2005 to have Grindaar launched in the first half of the year. This initial launch of Grindaar is just phase 1, over time we will be adding to the features as we implement our plans for what could be the ultimate resource for metal/rock fans across the UK and the rest of the world (nothing like being ambitious!).

Alternatively, engage in some music discussion in the Swoj.com music forum.

Feature Review

Raven - Walk Through Fire Raven - Walk Through Fire
New Release review
Raven's long awaited new album is finally here! After 9 years has it been worth the wait?

Recent reviews

Rancid - Let The Dominoes Fall Rancid - Let The Dominoes Fall
New Release review
Another release from the giants of punk music, Rancid. With a new drummer in the mix, does it maintain the high standard set by their previous work?

Static-X - Cult Of Static Static-X - Cult Of Static
New Release review
10 years since their first album was released (give or take a week), Static-X bring us 'Cult Of Static', their 6th studio album.

Duff McKagan's Loaded - Sick Duff McKagan's Loaded - Sick
New Release review
Former Guns N Roses, current in-limbo Velvet Revolver man keeps himself from getting bored looking for a new singer by going out with his part time side project band. The question is can this band live with his past glories, is it just something of interest to the man himself and a waste of time and money to the rest of us?

Lamb Of God - Wrath Lamb Of God - Wrath
New Release review
Drummer Chris Adler apparently saying that "'Wrath' needs no hype. We have topped ourselves", a bold claim to make, so now we see if 'Wrath' does indeed speak for itself.

The Black Crusade - Glasgow 2007 The Black Crusade - Glasgow 2007
Gig review
Machine Head, Trivium, Dragonforce, Arch Enemy, Shadows Fall. I can't see any reason why any metal fan would not want to be there!

Machine Head - Carling Academy, Glasgow Machine Head - Carling Academy, Glasgow
Gig review
Machine Head make a long overdue return to Scotland on the back of their latest album, The Blackening. Expectations are high, can Machine Head deliver?

Nine Inch Nails - Glasgow Feb 2007 Nine Inch Nails - Glasgow Feb 2007
Gig review
Nine Inch Nails make a very rare trip to Scotland, so naturally the team have to go and check them out!

Killswitch Engage - As Daylight Dies Killswitch Engage - As Daylight Dies
New Release review
With over 2 years since the release of their last album, this "As Daylight Dies" has been highly anticipated by their fans.

Cradle of Filth - Thornography Cradle of Filth - Thornography
New Release review
Thornography is the highly awaited follow up to Cradle of Filth's 2005 Nymphetamine opus

Trivium - The Crusade Trivium - The Crusade
New Release review
The hottest band on the planet have just delivered their 3rd album in 4 years. Another of the so called saviours of metal, it's time to find out if they're up to the hype.

BodyCount - Murder 4 Hire BodyCount - Murder 4 Hire
New Release review
It's been a long time since we've had an album from Body Count but finally Murder 4 Hire is with us.

Unnholy Alliance Tour SECC, Glasgow 06 Unnholy Alliance Tour SECC, Glasgow 06
Gig review
Unholy Alliance Tour Glasgow SECC 02.11.2006 A Thrasing night out for all

Rancid - Glasgow Barrowlands - Nov 06 Rancid - Glasgow Barrowlands - Nov 06
Gig review
Punk legends Rancid are back again, 3 years since their last visit to Glasgow. The team are in attendance.

Bullet For My Valentine - The Poison Bullet For My Valentine - The Poison
New Release review
'Saviours of Metal' is one of the labels being thrown around to describe Bullet for My Valentine and their first full album, 'The Poison'. A lot of responsibility to put on a new band, do they live up to the title?

Slayer - Christ Illusion Slayer - Christ Illusion
New Release review
Slayer are back with their first album in 5 years, let us see if they can improve on the poorly received God Hates Us All. Have they returned to their Thrash roots?

Sepultura - Dante Xxi Sepultura - Dante Xxi
New Release review
Brazilian metal legends Sepultura have been soldiering on since Max Cavalera left 10 years ago, time to find out if they're surviving on former glories or are still a class act.

DIO Live - The Academy, Glasgow DIO Live - The Academy, Glasgow
Gig review
Old crooner DIO still knows how to rock!!

Pitchshifter - 21/03/06 - Glasgow QMU Pitchshifter - 21/03/06 - Glasgow QMU
Gig review
Former Brit noise heroes reform for a (possibly) one-off 'Back From The Dead' UK Tour

Slayer - Reign In Blood Slayer - Reign In Blood
Classic review
Slayers ultimate record, reviewed as a reminder as to why they are the kings of thrash metal.

Ginger - Valor Del Corazon Ginger - Valor Del Corazon
New Release review
Wildhearts frontman releases his 3rd solo album which is really his first proper studio LP. Can it live up to his illustrious past?

Death On The Road - DVD Death On The Road - DVD
New Release review
Brit Metal legends release DVD to accompany live album release at the end of last year, filmed on the Dance Of Death tour

Cradle of Filth - The Academy, Glasgow Cradle of Filth - The Academy, Glasgow
Gig review
Carling Academy 08/12/05 A superb show from a band on top of their game

The Almighty - Glasgow 5th Jan 2006 The Almighty - Glasgow 5th Jan 2006
Gig review
Glaswegian heavy rockers reform for special benefit shows

Nailbomb - Live At Dynamo Nailbomb - Live At Dynamo
New Release review
Legendary show finally gets the visual treatment after 10 years in the vaults

Life Of Agony - Glasgow 13th Dec 2005 Life Of Agony - Glasgow 13th Dec 2005
Gig review
New York Hardcore band return to tour the UK following their reformation in 2003 and new album

Viking Skull - Glasgow Viking Skull - Glasgow
Gig review
Viking Skull (part time Raging Speedhorn, part time road crew) unleashed their debut full length of traditional heavy metal a few weeks ago and have hit the road already. We went to check them out at the Cathouse on Fri 2nd Dec 2005.

For Ruin - Shade For Ruin - Shade
Demo review
Second demo and first on their own from Ireland's For Ruin

System of a Down - Hypnotize System of a Down - Hypnotize
New Release review
Following on from the release of the astounding Mezmerize album 6 months ago, System Of A Down round off 2005 with the second instalment of their double album opus. Expectations have never been higher.

KMFDM - Glasgow 27th Oct 2005 KMFDM - Glasgow 27th Oct 2005
Gig review
Legendary German industrial band KMFDM land at the Cathouse in Glasgow for the Scottish stage of their new tour.

Turbonegro - Party Animals Turbonegro - Party Animals
New Release review
6th Studio album and 2nd since their comeback on Burning Heart records for the Norwegian outfit

C.O.C - In The Arms of God C.O.C - In The Arms of God
New Release review
The CD case of this album carried the quote "This may well be the angriest album in the history of hard rock". A bold claim indeed, angry music is not something we have ever been short of. Is In The Arms Of God the angriest album ever? More importantly, is it even a good album?

Diamond Head -The White Album Diamond Head -The White Album
Classic review
Classic NWOBHM album that spawned 4 Metallica covers from a band who should have been huge but instead went commercial and lost their hard edge with Metallica becoming what they should have been...

Greenday - American Idiot Greenday - American Idiot
New Release review
New suits, new eye shadow, old attitude. Green Day are back and are as hungry and angry as ever.

Transplants - Haunted Cities Transplants - Haunted Cities
New Release review
Second album from the side project featuring Tim Armstrong (vocalist/guitarist with Rancid) and Travis Barker (ex drummer of Blink 182)

Downset - Universal Downset - Universal
New Release review
4th Studio album from the band that were considered equals to Rage Against The Machine in the 90's

Audioslave - Brixton Academy 2005 Audioslave - Brixton Academy 2005
Gig review
Supergroup Audioslave hit London Brixton Academy with their critically successful tour.

System of a Down - Glasgow, 15th June System of a Down - Glasgow, 15th June
Gig review
Touring after the release of their incredible Mezmerize album, System of a Down hit Glasgow on the last night of their UK tour.

System of a Down - Mezmerize System of a Down - Mezmerize
New Release review
System of a Down are releasing two albums in 2005, Mezmerize is the first of the two. Do they have what it takes to maintain their high standards while working on two albums?

Velvet Revolver - Contraband Velvet Revolver - Contraband
New Release review
Supergroup formed from the ashes of Guns N Roses and Stone Temple Pilots. Sounds good on paper, can they live up to the potential?

Audioslave - Out Of Exile Audioslave - Out Of Exile
New Release review
Second album from the former members of Rage Against The Machine and Soundgarden with a mellower edge

Madball - N.Y.H.C. E.P. Madball - N.Y.H.C. E.P.
Standard review
Comeback EP from Agnostic Fronts younger cousins.

Judas Priest - Angel of Retribution Judas Priest - Angel of Retribution
New Release review
The highly anticipated return of Rob Halford to the Priest fold, are they too old for this game or are they still relevant?

Angelzoom Angelzoom
New Release review
New Wave Gothic with Angelic Vocals

Judas Priest - Live in Glasgow - 2005 Judas Priest - Live in Glasgow - 2005
Gig review
With a great new album out, do Judas Priest have what it takes to once again reign supreme as metal gods?

Raven - Wiped Out Raven - Wiped Out
Classic review
One of the foremost bands of the NWOBHM who pioneered Power/Speed metal and paved the way for bands like Metallica. They toured America in 1983 with Metallica as support! This is their second album where they just went for it!

Error - Error EP Error - Error EP
New Release review
Bad Religion axeman, Epitaph head honcho and all round Punk guru teams up with some other big names for a punk meets industrial side project

Slipknot - Iowa Slipknot - Iowa
Standard review
The much anticipated second album from Slipknot has finally arrived. A lot is expected from IOWA, can Slipknot deliver?

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